The one place YOU can be “YOU”! 

Both counseling ministries, God of 2nd Chances and Path of Life Ministries, use several approaches to help people and families in crisis.  We use counseling, mental health life coaching, general life coaching, and mentoring or a combination of the above to help the people in crisis or transition.  For others, only one approach is necessary to achieve the desired results.

Further, we believe that life-long change can happen in many different places, not just in an office or a church.  We are always up for a good walk in the park or coffee in the local cafe.  Think about the place where you feel most comfortable working on private things, and we can see what it is about that place that works for you. We will either use that place or come up with a feasible alternative.

We embrace the fact that everyone is created to be unique but by the same creator and therefore the same signature.  We know that not every technique will be appropriate for every person.  However, the love that never fails, will lead us together, to the right technique/s for you.

With God’s guidance, we look forward to meeting you and helping you get to that next step – whatever it may be.