Life Coaching

Life Coach – We have a life coach(s) who are trained to help a person identify a particular goal, then create step by step plans that will help them to obtain these goals, and lastly be the cheerleader/accountability partner along the way.

These goals can be created in several ways:

  • by the person,
  • by the person and life coach or
  • by the counselor, life coach and person

The goal can be very general or very specific.  Once the goal is created then a meeting is set to plan the specifics necessary to obtain the goal and or how to create an environment where the goal will be able to reached and we have a way o quantifying when the goal is met.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand in getting to that next step or goal.  Sometimes we just need an accountability partner other times we need someone to actually help us to move to that next step.

Do you need an accountability partner or someone willing to take the time with you to reach a specific goal?  Let us help you reach your next goal.