We, at the God of 2nd Chance Ministry, hope to help people in crisis by helping them to reclaim, restore, and rebuild their lives.

Rescue & Reclaim – We help individuals and families find the resources necessary to help them with their largest need whether it is protection, food, shelter, and/or stabilization services

Restore – We offer compassionate coaching, housing navigation, health care services, and wrap around services to promote self-sufficiency and family restoration

Rebuild – We use a holistic faith-based approach to improve the overall social, economic, and spiritual health and vitality

Continued growth

We, at Path of Life Ministry, hope to help people who are looking for guidance and direction to find them and then become empowered, emboldened, and impassioned about God’s plan for their lives.

Empower – Individuals and families will become stronger and more confident in controlling their lives

Embolden – Individuals and families will find the confidence and courage to explore and live the life God has planned for them

Impassion – Individuals and families will choose to allow themselves to become passionate and live their lives wholeheartedly for God while following the plan he has for them with unmatched intensity