Tid bits

We would like to use this space to help you get to know some amazing people and or amazing works.q

We are honored to introduce you to:

Marlene Bagnull and her book #MyFamilyToo! How her Family coped with childhood abuse.

How the family shined Jesus light in the middle of such devastating experiences like the molestation of her half-sister Mandy . Please visit her website at http://www.myfamilytoo.com

We are honored to introduce to you:

CJ Schaeffer and her friend, Alice in My Life in PEACES

This is a MUST read for anyone that has wondered where God is when they are hurt. Please visit her website http://www.CJ-Schaeffer.com

We are honored to introduce to you:

Stacy Lee Flurry with her devotional for parents and teens in CRISIS, Turning the tide of Emotional Turbulence.

A must read for any parent that has children or adult children in crisis. Please visit her website at: http://www.AnchorOfPromise.com