Praise Cafe

The Praise Café will be available soon! But here is a sneak preview:

True worship and praise to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Welcome citizens of the most-high King,

Did you know that the word Praise is in the Bible 245 times with 7 different words to depict the various types of praise? Many people dont know the difference between the different words for praise.

We are so pleased to introduce you to The Praise Cafe, a retreat, that you can facilitate yourself or have us come along side you to teach your congregation about the power of praise.

Session 1 is about what praise is, what can hinder it, how praise is expressed.

Session 2 discusses the power of praise,10 ways to praise, and how to praise in the spirit.

Session 3 Zamar

Session 4 Towdah

Session 5 Yadah

Session 6 Barak

Session 7 Shabach

Session 8 Halal

Session 9 Tehillah

Session 10 Write your own Praise Psalm & Share Praise Psalms