Bible-Thon (Coming Soon)

What is a Bible Read-A-Thon you ask?

A Bible Read- A-Thon is a way to raise funds for ministries without having to sell anything while doing something that we all should be doing anyway… reading our Bibles.  Our Bible Read-A-Thon requires readers signing up to complete:

–         10 reading sessions

–         one per day for 10 days

–         Each session lasts 30 minutes long

People who are sponsoring you will be donating $2.50 or more per session for each of the sessions you participate in.

We are asking that everyone reads their Bibles or a book that helps us to have a better understanding of the Bible or Bible story.

How does that help us to raise funds?

We raise funds from sponsors who support your reading efforts.  Sponsors are people like friends and family who care about you and your Christian growth.

You can get many sponsors by using email campaigns, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.   You will be given tools to reach out to everyone in your social circles.

These sponsors either donate money or pledge money for each reading session.  Readers go to “get sponsors page and follow the easy instructions.

How do your sponsors pay for their pledges?

Sponsors can pay online using a credit, debit card, electronic check or pay pal so that the donations can be tracked and so our readers don’t have to take the time to try to collect all of the money they have earned reading.

Who can participate?

Everyone and anyone.  We are asking all the people in our church to consider the Bible Read-A-Thon; this includes children, youth, and ALL of the adults in our church family.

What if my child cannot read?

You can read to them.  It would be a great way to start family time reading the Bible with your children.

How do I get started?

First you sign up using the form on the back of this brochure.  Then you tell us how many in your family will be participating in the Bible Read-A-Thon.  We will enter your names into the system.  You will then be able to log onto the readers section of the website that is created specifically for our read-a-thon.

What if I don’t know what to read?

No problem we have researched and identified options for children, youth, young adults, and older adults.

Some are based on bible stories, others are based on topics, and yet others are books of the Bible.  We ask that you pray about your commitment to read and listen to hear what God wants you to read.  Then once the Bible Read-A-Thon begins …. read, read, read …..